MONSooN advice

General Advice

What is MONSooN?

The MONSooN shared supercomputing service is a collaboration between the Met Office and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to provide a shared supercomputing resource to enable collaborative research. Further details, including how to apply to use the system, can be found here and here.

Please ensure that you login to exvmsrose - please do not try from other systems since they do not have the required setup.

MONSooN collaboration Intro Pack page

External Access

Advice on getting started on MONSooN on a computer anywhere:

The commands to enter and the onscreen instructions returned by lander MONSooN are interleaved with advice and help.

Please be read and follow the instructions carefully, after the first time you access MONSooN it is much easier.

Internal HQ Desktop Access

Your .ssh/config file should have been setup by the MONSooN team. Please email JULES-Support are having issues.

General Access Setup

There are a few setup things that everyone needs to check and update as required.

The ~/.subversion/servers file on MONSooN must contain the following:

metofficesharedrepos = code*

# Specify your Science Repository Service user name here
username = <MOSRSUSERNAME>
store-plaintext-passwords = no

The command rose config should include the following line in the [rosie-id] section:

If not then please add it to your .metomi/rose.conf file.

Simple Access to MONSooN

IN PROGRESS - full guidance is in progress for the new MONSooN, MONSooN2. Go live was March 2017, please be patient while I am working with the MONSooN team to provide simple access instructions for running JULES on MONSooN.
UPDATE: there is a developers group for testing code changes, Douglas Clark is a PI. However, at present there is still no JULES suites group for running Science, but it is being investigated (July 2017).

MONSooN Mac Advice

For running JULES-Rose on MONSooN via Mac OS please make sure you have an X11 emulator installed on the Mac.
Download and install the following package: XQuartz
Restart your Mac.
Re-loggin into lander and exvmsrose using the -Y option, Rose and Cylc GUI's should now work.

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