Requesting access to the JULES code
JULES vn4.7 User Guide to see a different version of the user guide change the vn#.# to your desired version number.
JULES Working Practices
JULES Tip Of the Day (JTOD)
Custom Query Milestone is JULES v4.8 release change the Filters as appropriate.

VM (JULES) Links

VM (JULES) note you need to sudo install-jules-* all three of the scripts.
Location of the install-jules-* scripts on GitHub

JASMIN and MoNSooN (JULES) Links

MoNSooN (JULES) Not avaliable yet.

Rose/Cylc Links

Rose Documentation
Variables available in Rose
Rosie Repository Click on the Browse Source button. Use to looks at JULES-Rose suites, e.g. u-ai828
Cylc Documentation
Cylc User Guide Single Page

Subversion/FCM/Trac Links

Subversion Book
FCM tutorial
Met Office Science Repository Service (MOSRS)
FCM Keywords for JULES
About Trac
Creating a ticket
Advice on Creating a Ticket
The Trac Configuration File
The Trac Ticket System
xxdiff documentation: http://furius.ca/xxdiff/doc/xxdiff-doc.html

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