JASMIN setup

How to get access to JASMIN:

Get a CEDA account: start.

Sign up for a JASMIN login account: login.

Create an SSH key pair: ssh-key-linux.

Upload your public key to our website: registering your ssh key.

Mail CEDA support to say that you have uploaded your public key ready for your JASMIN login account to be activated.

Logging on to JASMIN:

ssh -A -X kday002@jasmin-login1.ceda.ac.uk

To access FCM/Rose/Cylc you need to be on the jasmin-cylc

ssh jasmin-sci2.ceda.ac.uk #or jasmin-sci1.ceda.ac.uk
ssh jasmin-cylc
When you log onto the jasmin-cylc server you will be asked for your Met Office Science Repository Service (MOSRS) password, please enter it. If you get your password wrong try again using:
to re-enter your password.

Running directly on JASMIN:

On jasmin-sci2 or sci1, edit your ~/.bash_profile file:

# Get the aliases and functions

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
        . ~/.bashrc

# User specific environment and startup programs

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin

if [[ $HOST = "jasmin-sci2.ceda.ac.uk" || $HOST = "jasmin-cylc.ceda.ac.uk" || $HOST = "jasmin-sci1.ceda.ac.uk" ]]; then
  # Rose/cylc on jasmin-sci & Lotus nodes
  export PATH=/apps/contrib/metomi/bin:$PATH
On jasmin-cylc edit your: ~/.bash_profile file at the top:
# Provide access to FCM, Rose and Cylc

# Ensure .bashrc is sourced in login shells
# (only add this if it is not already done in your .bash_profile)
[[ -f ~/.bashrc ]] && . ~/.bashrc
At the bottom:
[[ $- != *i* ]] && return # Stop here if not running interactively
[[ $(hostname) = "jasmin-cylc.ceda.ac.uk" ]] && . mosrs-setup-gpg-agent
# Enable bash completion for Rose commands
[[ -f /apps/contrib/metomi/rose/etc/rose-bash-completion ]] && . /apps/contrib/metomi/rose/etc/rose-bash-completion
Now, whenever you login to jasmin-cylc you should be prompted for your Met Office Science Repository Service password.
A further setup for JASMIN and MOSRS requires an update to your ~/.subversion/servers file. Please add the following:
metofficesharedrepos = code*.metoffice.gov.uk

# Specify your Science Repository Service user name here
username = myusername
store-plaintext-passwords = no
Check you ~/.metomi/rose.conf and add the following if missing:
#username is all in lower case

This can be checked by running:
rose config

Remote running JASMIN from a desktop to get GUI's:

Helpful commands for the JASMIN with no GUI's:

On the jasmin-cylc server

  • tail -f ~/cylc-run/SUITE_NAME/log/suite/log #to follow the progress of a suite while it is running
  • rose suite-shutdown --name=SUITE_NAME -- --now #to shutdown you suite
  • cylc scan -c #to see what suites you have running
  • cylc trigger SUITE_NAME TASK_NAME:failed #to trigger failed task(s), not you can use * within the TASK_NAME to pattern match part of the full task name to trigger multiple tasks

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This document is released under the British Open Government Licence.