Fundamentals of version control, Subversion and FCM

This aims to explain the importance of:

How to use the tutorial

This tutorial has been designed to be used as a teach yourself guide to FCM.

Ideally the tutorial would be used in the following order:

The design of the tutorial does mean that the user can just access the parts of the tutorial that they wish. The only complication would be that the revision numbers would not match.

The setup script which allows users to do the practicals is only needed for the Essentials tutorial and practicals and the Specfics tutorial and practicals. To do the tutorials and practicals for these section please run the set-up script prior to doing the tutorial and practicals to ensure that the correct set-up is in place. Details are at the top of both tutorial and practicals pages where the script is required.

First let's do the Fundamentals Quiz to see how much you already know and what we will need to focus on in this section, note there are no right or wrong answers for the first five questions.

Fundamentals Quiz

Using version control

The basics of Subversion and where to learn more


General configuration

Setting-up your own repository

Setting-up the tutorial repositories

Now lets do the Essentials Quiz to see how much you already know and what we will need to focus on in the next section. Don't worry if you don't know all the answers yet, we will learning more in the next tutorial.

Essentials Quiz

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