Fundamentals Quiz - SVN/FCM/general

  1. Have you used a version control system before even if it was not FCM?
    1. Yes
    2. No

  2. How often do you use FCM?
    1. Never/A long time ago
    2. Rarely
    3. Every few months
    4. Monthly
    5. Weekly
    6. Daily

  3. How proficient at FCM do you consider yourself?
    1. Novice
    2. Basic
    3. Intermediate
    4. Advanced
    5. Expert

  4. How confident are you at using FCM?
    1. Unconfident
    2. Somewhat confident
    3. Confident
    4. Very confident

  5. What is the most important thing about a version control system for you?
    1. Being able to collaborate with others
    2. Being able to use different versions of my code
    3. Being able to test my code as I develop it
    4. Being able to develop different aspects of the code at the same time using branches
    5. Being able to share my code with others and merge their suggestions if approved
    6. Being able to go revert changes if I make mistakes
    7. Knowing that all my code is version controlled
    8. Knowing that my code is traceable and I know which version was used for what project
    9. All of the above
    10. Not sure yet
    11. Other:

  6. Which statement is correct?
    1. Version control is part of FCM
    2. FCM is part of Version control
    3. FCM is a built on subversion control (svn) which is part of a Version control system
    4. FCM is an alternative to subversion control (svn) and is part of a Version control system

  7. Which of these statements is not true?
    1. In FCM you can revert a local change
    2. In FCM you cannot revert a local change
    3. In FCM you can merge in the changes from the trunk into a branch
    4. In FCM you can merge in the changes from the trunk to your local copy

  8. Which solution would be best for the problem: Six people are working on code in a version controlled repository, one wishes to try some changes that they dismiss if the test provide a negative impact.
    1. Make new folder outside of the repository and do all testing outside of version control
    2. Make changes in the local copy of the branch
    3. Branch from the trunk and make changes
    4. Branch from the trunk and switch to the branch to make changes


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