1.8. JULES version 5.4 Release Notes

The JULES vn5.4 release consists of approximately 29 tickets from 13 authors, including work by many other people.

Full details of the tickets committed for JULES vn5.4 can be found on the JULES shared repository Trac system.

Ticket numbers are indicated below, e.g. #872.

1.8.1. Science changes

  • Improvements to fire-related vegetation mortality, including the addition of a PFT-specific fire mortality parameter fire_mort_io (previously mortality was taken directly from the burnt area as diagnosed by INFERNO and did not vary by PFT). (#872)
  • Stomatal conductance can be modelled following the approach of Medlyn et al. (2011), via the switch stomata_model. A single-parameter version of the model is coded, requiring the PFT-specific parameter g1_stomata_io. (#766)

1.8.2. General/Technical changes

  • The RFM river routing scheme is now available to the UM (atmospheric model), and both standalone and UM runs use the same code. See JULES_RIVERS. (#876)
  • The JULES_RIVERS namelist now controls river hydrology in both standalone and UM-coupled modes. (The UM namelist ‘run_rivers’ has been removed.) (#867)
  • The surface conductance (gs) is now part of the specification of the initial state (and included in dumps) only when it is required (i.e. only if can_rad_mod = 1; see List of initial condition variables). (#859)
  • Use swap_bounds routine(s) from halo_exchange_mod module (not the old 2C subroutine) in UM runs. (#367)
  • Extensive refactoring of surf_couple_extra, including removal of ifdef in argument list. (#806, 833)
  • Tidied/refactorised the photosynthesis code. (#817)
  • Improved checking and reporting of the IMOGEN setup. (#850)
  • Tidied the header of control.F90, removing duplicate and unused variables. (#873)
  • Access subroutines set_levels_list and set_pseudo_list using modules, removing the need for DEPENDS ON. (#880)
  • Improved performance of land surface routines in RA and GA configurations. (#861)
  • Set up CABLE directory structure and initialise essential variables for surf_couple_radiation. (#799)
  • Allowed variables used in the build process to have platform-specific defaults which can be overridden by the user. (#853)
  • Met Office Cray users: Direct extract of code to the Cray is the default for meto-xc40-cce builds. Users are encouraged to remove fcm_make2 tasks and set JULES_REMOTE = local to take advantage of faster end-to-end compilations and reduce load on the HPC. Set JULES_REMOTE = remote to retain builds which require an fcm_make2 task. See Environment variables used when building JULES using FCM make. (#854)
  • Reviewed and simplified fcm-make metadata compulsory variables and made current apps validate. (#855)
  • Improved selected metadata in the JULES_SOIL_BIOGEOCHEM and JULES_SOIL_ECOSSE namelists to prevent errors when using the Rose GUI. (#862)

1.8.3. Bugs fixed

  • Fixed the radiatively-coupled roof in MORUSES, using the temporary logical l_fix_moruses_roof_rad_coupling, in the new namelist JULES_TEMP_FIXES. The supposedly radiatively-coupled roof is in fact uncoupled without this bug fix. (#610)
  • Corrected initialisation of frozen/unfrozen soil - no longer assumes constant soil properties with depth. (#749)
  • Removed a bug in the snow scheme when l_point_data = TRUE and can_model = 4: the snow covered fraction formulation is now only used for tiles that do not use the snow canopy option (see cansnowpft), rather than for all tiles. (#879)
  • Prevent out-of-bounds operations in sf_exch. (#846)
  • Ensure that ntype is set before use in UM model runs. (#878)
  • Corrected the units of the ocean near-surface chlorophyll content (used in the calculation of the ocean surface albedo), using the temporary logical l_fix_osa_chloro. Only affects runs with the UM. (#874)

1.8.4. Changes to testing

  • Rose-stem fcm-make tasks will ignore lock files that would otherwise prevent retriggering. (#860)
  • Expanded coverage of the rose-stem metadata validation test to include more apps. (#886)
  • Upgraded suite_report.py. (#889)

1.8.5. Documentation updates

  • Updates associated with many of the above changes, and release notes. (#881)
  • Example namelists point_mead_2_crops have been updated to be consistent with the published JULES-crop runs in Williams et al. (2017).

Documentation can be viewed on the github page http://jules-lsm.github.io/.