1.19. JULES version 4.3 Release Notes

The JULES vn4.3 release consists of 36 tickets from 18 authors across 39 commits.

Full details of the tickets committed for JULES vn4.3 can be found on the JULES shared repository Trac system.

1.19.1. Science changes

  • Enhancements to the multi-layer snow scheme for GL7.0 (Global Land configuration, version 7.0)
    • Addition of ET metamorphism
    • Infiltration of rain water into the snow pack
    • Albedo of snow and relationship to plant canopies
  • Generalisation of the crop scheme to work with trait-based plant physiology and BVOC emissions
  • Update to wetland scheme (see l_wetland_unfrozen)
  • River routing updates to allow RFM with standalone JULES to be run with non-regular lat-lon grids
  • New JULES-C configuration, the prototype configuration for UKESM1
  • Sea-ice changes for GC3.0 (Global Coupled configuration, version 3.0)

1.19.2. Technical changes

  • Revamp of compilation procedure (see Building and running JULES)
    • Changes to the environment variables used to specify a build
    • Option to extract and mirror on local machine, preprocess and build on a remote machine (e.g. Met Office Cray XC40)
    • Addition of “platform configurations”, to reduce the number of environment variable definitions required to build on a known platform
  • Ancillary data (e.g. fractional coverage, soil data) is now saved to the dump file
  • Many additional rose-stem tests
  • Replace testing for ice using sm_sat with logical arrays for soil and ice points
  • Restructuring of rose-stem tests to allow for site configurations with more divergence between sites
    • As a result, JULES is now routinely tested on 3 platforms - Intel and gfortran compilers on Linux and CCE on the Cray
  • Remove the hijacking of the ice tile as a second urban tile when using two-tile urban schemes in the UM
  • Replacement of old include files with modules

1.19.3. Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a long-standing off-by-one error in the instantaneous interpolation code (mode i - see Temporal interpolation)
  • Several small fixes to soil carbon and vegetation code
  • Fix in river routing for bit-comparison with different processor decompositions in the UM
  • Fix for IMOGEN in parallel mode
  • Fix initialisation of some diagnostics