6.15. science_fixes.nml

This file contains one namelist called JULES_TEMP_FIXES.

This namelist sets ‘short-term’ temporary logicals used to protect science bug fixes that lead to alterations in science results. It is expected that these logicals will be short lived as the preference should be for all configurations to use the corrected code. However, to maintain short term reproducibility of results across JULES versions the fixes are protected by logicals until the fixes become the default in all model configurations at which point the logical is retired. See module for when the switch is due for review.

6.15.1. JULES_TEMP_FIXES namelist members


This switch corrects a bug in the surface energy balance when the MORUSES radiative roof coupling is used (see l_moruses_storage). The thermal conductivity of the soil (hcons) is erroneously set to zero, which causes the roof to be effectively uncoupled when l_vegcan_soilfx.