3. Building and running JULESΒΆ

Building a JULES executable requires FCM and one of the supported Fortran compilers (see Building JULES using FCM). The Fortran 90 NetCDF interface library is required to use gridded data (i.e. data for more than a single location).

To be able to automatically upgrade namelists between JULES versions or use a GUI to configure JULES runs, Rose is required.

All of this software is freely available:


To build JULES with the ability to run multiple points in parallel, there are additional software requirements. These are discussed in more detail in Building and running JULES in parallel mode.

JULES has only been tested on Linux but, given a suitable Fortran compiler, should run on any Unix-like system with minimal changes. The recommended way to attempt to run JULES on Windows is via the Linux compatability layer Cygwin, although this is untested.

For more information, see the following sections: