3.1. JULES and NetCDFΒΆ

JULES can be built with or without the NetCDF libraries, however building JULES without NetCDF limits the functionality of JULES.

If JULES is built without NetCDF libraries, it will use a dummy NetCDF library which allows the program to build but provides no functionality. Any attempt to use NetCDF files as input with this option will result in a runtime error. All input files must be columnar ASCII, meaning that the user is restricted to running at a single point only. Output files will automatically use a columnar ASCII format with headers. File formats are discussed in more details in Input files for JULES.

To build JULES with NetCDF, it must be told where to find the NetCDF library files. JULES needs two pieces of information - the directory containing the NetCDF archive files, netcdf.a and netcdff.a (the ‘NetCDF library path’), and the directory containing the NetCDF Fortran 90 module file, netcdf.mod (the ‘NetCDF include path’). In a standard NetCDF install, these are often /usr/lib and /usr/include or /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include respectively.

If the nc-config program is installed on your system (run which nc-config to find out), this can be used to determine values for the NetCDF library path (nc-config --flibs) and NetCDF include path (nc-config --includedir). When JULES is built with NetCDF, users can supply either ASCII or NetCDF input files, and all output will be NetCDF.