1.13. JULES version 5.6 Release Notes

The JULES vn5.6 release consists of approximately 14 tickets from 11 authors, including work by many other people.

Full details of the tickets committed for JULES vn5.6 can be found on the JULES shared repository Trac system.

Ticket numbers are indicated below, e.g. #864.

1.13.1. Science changes

  • Added the Farquhar model of photosynthesis for C3 plants - see photo_model. (#864)

  • Added the COARE algorithm for drag over sea, including functionality to reduce the drag at very high wind speeds - only affects runs with the UM. (#848)

1.13.2. General/Technical changes

  • UM and JULES metadata consolidated for namelists JULES_RADIATION and JULES_VEGETATION. (#822)

  • Preparatory work towards including irrigation demand in the UM. (#811)

  • Allowed the dimension names sclayer_dim_name, tracer_dim_name, bl_level_dim_name to be read from namelist JULES_INPUT_GRID. (#937)

  • Improved error handling in subroutines set_levels_list and set_pseudo_list. (#935)

  • Updated the UM STASH diagnostics routines to use a modularised version of copydiag. (#938)

  • Added further OpenMP optimisations for GA8 model routines. (#941)

  • Additions of #if defined(LFRIC) to allow coupling of surf_couple_extra to LFRic. (#943)

  • Altered OMP directives to remove data race conditions. (#952)

  • Removed the requirement to have some environment variables that are used in build configs defined/initiliased at the app/suite level. (#939)

1.13.3. Changes to testing

  • Updated rose stem testing to include JULES-ES-1.0 configuration. (#915)

  • JULES can be built at the Bureau of Meteorology (Australia). (#930)

1.13.4. Documentation updates

  • Updates associated with many of the above changes, and release notes. (#950)

Note that compilation of the User Guide now requires Sphinx 1.4 or higher.

Documentation can be viewed on the github page http://jules-lsm.github.io/.